I teach French and Spanish A level, IB and, most recently, Pre-U.


“Tutor’s contribution was certainly instrumental” – Since the summer of 2016 Lucinda has been tutoring our daughter, Katie, for IB Higher Level Spanish on an intermittent basis because Katie was at boarding school. Katie’s oral and written performance hovered around 5 and all her offers from Russell group universities required a 6. Katie achieved a 6 in Spanish, and 40 overall in the IB, which was beyond expectations. We would like to acknowledge the exceptional effort made by Lucinda in making sure that Katie was fully prepared for her oral (so much so that she scored above a fellow bilingual student) and the very helpful, exam-specific instruction she provided for the written exams. The extra effort made by Lucinda was notable. She sent tests in advance to assess our daughter’s level and identify weaker areas, she provided follow up marking and also provided me, as the parent, with a detailed assessment of Katie’s performance and areas that warranted further attention. Katie probably did not have more than 10 to 16 hours with Lucinda and yet the tutor’s contribution was certainly instrumental in moving her result up from 5 to 6. In addition, Lucinda established an excellent rapport with the student. Katie, who does not usually like tuition, actually asked for further lessons. We are very grateful to Lucinda for her exemplary efforts and we would recommend her without reservation.” Liz H (Parent)

Outcome: Level 6 Spanish B Higher Level and 40 points overall.

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