I am an expert residential home-schooling tutor and have taught in numerous countries in Europe and America. Relishing the experience of teaching abroad makes me an
enthusiastic and dedicated tutor which, when combined with my teaching credentials, and my
background and fluency in a number of European languages, proves a winning formula for success.

2014-2016: Gstaad, Switzerland

I carried out a residential placement for a family based in Gstaad, Switzerland, who also have homes in Mallorca, Greece and the United Kingdom. Tutees ranged from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3 and I tutored all subjects. My duties included bringing tutees up to speed with the British curriculum , preparing tailored lesson plans adhering to the syllabus that each tutee was studying, delivering a personalised programme to each of my tutees, writing weekly reports to the parents as well as setting weekly and monthly targets, only addressing my tutees in a non-native language (either French, Spanish or English) when instructed to do so by their parents.

2014: Tuscany, Italy

French Higher Level IB tuition for a 15 year old Russian student at her family’s 19th century estate with an artist residency in Tuscany, Italy, for the month of June 2014. This student completed her IB Diploma Programme with the highest grade 7 and achieved successful entry to Oxford University in October 2014.

2015: Ibiza, Spain

Primary numeracy and literacy tuition for two students, aged 8 and 9, in Ibiza for 10 days in August 2015. Tuition was carried out in both Spanish and English.

2016: Sardinia, Italy

Primary numeracy and literacy tuition for two students, aged 7 and 9, at Forte Village Resort in Sardinia in July 2016. Three hours of tuition was delivered each day over two weeks.

2016: Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Primary numeracy, literacy and French tuition for a 10 year old student at Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort in Monaco in October 2016. Four hours of tuition was delivered each day over a week.

2018: Greece & Switzerland

GCSE and 13+ residential tuition support required for two siblings in Greece and Switzerland. During the school holidays, the family moved between either their home in the English countryside, their island in Greece and Switzerland. I travelled with the family throughout the school holidays providing daily lessons for both students, ensuring they kept on track with their school work.

2019: Boston & New York, USA

11+ and Pre-test tuition between Boston, New York and the Hamptons throughout July and August 2019. Four hours of tuition was delivered each day, spread out over two hour stints. I also supported this student’s younger brother, aged 8, in helping him transition from Pre-Prep to Prep school confidently by consolidating his numeracy and literacy skills. Parents desired creative and inspiring lessons therefore tuition was carried out via fun creative projects over the course of the summer. This included developing the eldest boy’s love of photography as well as him writing a book.