“Exceptional French tutor – My son who is 10 years old has been having French tuition with Lucinda for a year and a half. He was in the bottom set for French last year and wanted to improve his language, vocabulary and grammar skills. Lucinda has been an incredible tutor to him. She makes lessons enormously fun, varied yet packed with lots of learning material, advanced vocabulary and grammar. He has learnt so much without even realising it. He did so well in last years summer school exams, thanks entirely to Lucinda, that his school moved him straight to the top set for French this year. And thanks to her incredible teaching and continued support this year he got the top French mark in the year group in both the winter and summer exams. Lucinda is a very talented and gifted tutor who has a deep understanding of both the French language as well as how to teach it well to students of all ages and abilities. We couldn’t recommend her more highly.” Suha T (Parent)

Outcome: Moving from the bottom French set to the top and getting the highest marks in school exams.

“A great teacher – We absolutely loved Lucinda and according to my daughter, the time just flew by, with three hours seeming like one! That is the sign of a great teacher, educating whilst keeping it interesting and keeping the kids engaged.” Aleks H (Parent)

Outcome: Getting top marks in end of year school exams.



“Best tutor we ever had! – Lucinda taught our daughter for French GCSE. She was a reluctant learner and had grown to really dislike the subject and resented the fact that we had suggested she do extra French outside of school. As her cousins were French we had insisted, but several good tutors were unable to meet this tricky challenge. Then we found Lucinda; she effortlessly managed to engage our daughter and within a couple of sessions our daughter found that she was actually looking forward to the lessons! Lucinda was so professional, knew exactly what was required of the syllabus, and was very responsive to the type of learner our daughter is. She taught with humour and was so friendly and kind that our daughter started to learn and retain what she hadn’t been willing or able to before. Her enthusiasm, expertise, patience and wit coaxed our daughter along to get a grade that we hadn’t thought possible, but more importantly laid the foundations to enable Lara to communicate in French at a meaningful level with her family. I asked my daughter to give me one word that summed Lucinda up and she said ‘perfect!'” Tova P (Parent)

Outcome: B grade at GCSE, but more importantly reversed our daughters dislike of the language, leaving the door open to develop her skills in the future.


 “Highly highly recommended – Lucinda was an excellent tutor for my son at Josh. He is usually a confident learner but was really struggling with Spanish. He settled straight away with Lucinda and she knew when to stretch him and when to support and guide him. She made the lessons fun and relevant and took the time to find out exactly what the curriculum required. I can’t recommend Lucinda highly enough – she pitched it just right for my son Josh. She knew when to push him and when do support and guide. She had researched his syllabus as was just great.” Johanna H (Parent)

Outcome: He passed his GCSE Spanish and was delighted!

“Lucinda was outstanding – At short notice, Lucinda kindly provided crammer sessions (for oral examinations) for my my son for his 2019 GCSEs in French and Spanish. Lucinda was outstanding, She was prepared, knew and had researched the relevant syllabus and was very focussed on exam technique over 5 sessions. She provided him invaluable coaching and some additional insight about the techniques that would take him from a solid A to A* grade. Without a doubt I would use Lucinda again.” Bhavesh D (Parent)

Outcome: My son ended up achieving two A*s in French and Spanish GCSEs. 


“Fantastic teacher! – Lucinda has worked closely with our daughter on her English language taking her through GCSE’s. As English was a second language for our daughter, Lucinda tailored the lessons and worked closely with our daughter’s class teacher to make the most of their time together. Demonstrated by her thoughtful approach to weekly lessons and development of an excellent working relationship meant that our daughter was able to achieve fantastic results. Thanks Lucinda!!” Ashley W (Parent)

Outcome: Excellent result – nine (under the new GCSE system)!


“Lucinda is professional – Lucinda came to work with my daughter when it became apparent that she had “slipped through the net” in French at school, and needed her confidence rebuilding. Her sessions were planned carefully, targeted around her current school learning, and focused. Her confidence and her French improved dramatically, and she has just received a 9 score in her GCSE.  Lucinda is professional, organised, and also a very kind and warm person, who was a pleasure to have in the house.” Louise D (Parent)

Outcome: Received a 9 score in her French GCSE


“Having sessions with Lucinda massively boosted my confidence – Last year, I took both French and Italian GCSE and going into exam year, I felt that my school’s once a month oral practice had not put me in a position to get the marks I wanted in the speaking section of the exam. Having sessions with Lucinda, which were on a much more regular basis, massively boosted my confidence and helped develop my speaking skills. It was also incredibly satisfying to be able to put the languages into practice and to feel that I was improving with each session! I ended up getting grade 9s for both subjects and I have no doubt that the work Lucinda and I did together was key in achieving this.” Year 11 Student at St. Paul’s School London

Outcome: Received grade 9s in both French and Italian GCSE


“A gifted teacher – I cannot recommend Lucinda’s tutoring highly enough. She taught my daughter GCSE Spanish in Year 11 and successfully combined rigour and enjoyment of the language. Her approach was always lively, enthusiastic, flexible and after each lesson I received immediate and thorough feedback. Lucinda boosted my daughter’s confidence in Spanish enormously at a time when she needed it most. She is a gifted teacher.” Frances H (Parent)

Outcome: Received grade 7 in Spanish GCSE after having been predicted a 5 at the start of the year


Entrance into the British Section at The Lycée Français Charles De Gaulles de Londres

“Fantastic tutor! – We strongly recommend Lucinda! She has helped my twin girls to pass the entrance exam to the British Section at The Lycée Français Charles De Gaulles de Londres. Her fun, creative yet structured sessions with each one of the girls really motivated them. They were looking forward to each session. Lucinda is a patient, enthusiastic tutor. We could not recommend her enough.” Nancy S (Parent)

Outcome: Admitted to the school. Thank you Lucinda!


“I cannot recommend Lucinda highly enough! – Lucinda came highly recommended to us and, true to our expectations, ensured that our daughter was successful in gaining a place at the British Section of the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle de Londres. She knew what was expected and was aware of the examination process and, to that end, ensured that her lessons were all based upon this exact criteria. As well as being extremely professional, she made sure the lessons were interesting, engaging and fun. The result speaks for itself and I cannot recommend Lucinda highly enough!” Phillipa K (Parent)

Outcome: Accepted into the British Section at The Lycée Français Charles De Gaulles de Londres. 


“Lucinda’s enthusiasm and knowledge were fantastic – Our 13 year old son was preparing for the entrance exam and interview for the British Section of the Lycée Charles de Gaulle South Kensington. After working through some past papers, it became apparent that there was some distance between where he was and where he needed to be. With a month to go, Lucinda came on board and coached him for both the exam and interview. Her enthusiasm and knowledge were fantastic and she was able to give him some really good practical guidance on how do well in both the assessments. I’m delighted to say we’ve just heard that he’s been accepted! Many thanks for all the help Lucinda.” Jon D (Parent)

Outcome: Accepted into the British Section at The Lycée Français Charles De Gaulles de Londres for September 2021 start.


International Baccalaureate

“Very attentive and serious teacher – In the summer of 2014 Lucinda was teaching French B Standard Level of International Baccalaureate Diploma Program to my daughter Tamara on our family estate in Tuscany, Italy. Lucinda brought a lot of teaching materials and her lessons were always very interesting and productive. Tamara enjoyed the lessons with Lucinda and when she was back to school her progress was obvious. Lucinda is a very attentive and serious teacher and I am confident that her teaching potential will benefit her future students.” Irina E (Parent) 

Outcome: My daughter’s completed her International Baccalaureate Diploma Program with the highest grade 7 in French B Standard Level – there is a lot of Lucinda’s input in that mark


“Outstanding tutor” -Lucinda is an outstanding tutor who knows the course so well its as if she wrote it herself. She is a lovely tutor who is patient and, in my opinion, better than my own French teacher at school” Yassin M (Student)

Outcome: Level 6 French B Standard Level


“Meticulous and dedicated – We are extremely happy with Lucinda’s tutoring. She is very meticulous and dedicated. All her classes are well planned and her attention to details is impressive. She is very responsive with any queries and gives elaborate feedback on the student’s strengths and weaknesses.” Timmy E (Student)

Outcome: Level 6 French B Standard Level


“Tutor’s contribution was certainly instrumental” – Since the summer of 2016 Lucinda has been tutoring our daughter, Katie, for IB Higher Level Spanish on an intermittent basis because Katie was at boarding school. Katie’s oral and written performance hovered around 5 and all her offers from Russell group universities required a 6. Katie achieved a 6 in Spanish, and 40 overall in the IB, which was beyond expectations. We would like to acknowledge the exceptional effort made by Lucinda in making sure that Katie was fully prepared for her oral (so much so that she scored above a fellow bilingual student) and the very helpful, exam-specific instruction she provided for the written exams. The extra effort made by Lucinda was notable. She sent tests in advance to assess our daughter’s level and identify weaker areas, she provided follow up marking and also provided me, as the parent, with a detailed assessment of Katie’s performance and areas that warranted further attention. Katie probably did not have more than 10 to 16 hours with Lucinda and yet the tutor’s contribution was certainly instrumental in moving her result up from 5 to 6. In addition, Lucinda established an excellent rapport with the student. Katie, who does not usually like tuition, actually asked for further lessons. We are very grateful to Lucinda for her exemplary efforts and we would recommend her without reservation.” Liz H (Parent)

Outcome: Level 6 Spanish B Higher Level and 40 points overall


“Exceptional approach – I just wanted to convey our thanks again for all the wonderful direction, and guidance you’ve given to Charlie throughout the development of her IA. She loves languages and so I was not surprised that she elected for Spanish at HL, though I think she had begun to feel a little daunted by the fact that the other student was from a native background. Your exceptional approach and wealth of knowledge has given her a boost of confidence, and a sense of satisfaction in taking on the challenge of the HL. More broadly I feel you’ve also mentored Charlie through a period of the IB that had been awash with deliverables and all the stress that came with that – you were very much a breath of fresh air and we are very grateful for that positivity.” Catherine M (Parent of student based in Australia, taught via Skype)

Outcome: Level 7 Spanish B Higher Level and 42 points overall


“Very committed teacher – Lucinda is a very committed teacher. I feel very lucky to have come across her for my Spanish tutoring. Despite only booking a few hours with her, Lucinda greatly improved the quality of my Spanish. Thanks to her I secured 94% on my official IB result. This is a level 7, it was my best score and overall I got 42 points. So I made it to Oxford!” Jeanne L (Student attending British boarding school, taught via Skype)

Outcome: I’m going to Oxford University in September 2017 to study theology and religion at Mansfield College


“Very thorough” – Thanks to Lucinda for helping my son secure a 6 in Spanish B. She is very thorough in preparing her students with all the necessary details in making them gaining confidence.” Suma C (Parent of student in India, taught via Skype)

Outcome: Level 6 Spanish B Higher Level